Acupuncture is also offered in the clinic and is often used alongside my osteopathic treatment, as they complement each other well. I use acupuncture to reduce pain, stimulate the body's immune system response, and aid in relaxing your body.

I am qualified in a Western style of acupuncture, used brilliantly in conjunction with my osteopathic techniques. I use a mix of some TCM meridians and dry needling/trigger point release techniques.

Acupuncture can work well if a persons in too much pain to tolerate stronger manual techniques so it helps bring pain levels down before I can do stronger techniques.

It also works well if you’ve got a chronic problem that’s been around for a long time. The acupuncture helps stimulate the body into thinking this injury is new again, thus stimulating the immune system again to do its job in the healing process.

An osteopath is an engineer of the human body.
— Andrew Taylor Still (founder of osteopathy)