SERVICES and treatments


Osteopathy is a manual, hands-on therapy that helps alleviate your musculoskeletal aches and pains. In your initial consultation, I will take a detailed case history, including information about your diet, exercise & lifestyle, and then perform an examination to find the root cause of your pain. Your treatment will include deep soft tissue techniques, joint stretching and manipulations. I will then give you some home-care advice to both speed up your recovery time and prevent recurrences. 



Acupuncture is also offered in the clinic and is often used alongside my osteopathic treatment, as they complement each other well. I use acupuncture to reduce pain, stimulate the body's immune system response, and aid in relaxing your body.



Whether you're training for a marathon or worn out from the hectic London lifestyle, regular massage can help your body cope with the strains you put on it. I offer deep tissue/sports massage in the clinic in both 30-minute and 1-hour sessions, depending on your needs and schedule. Your massage can be tailored to any specific problem areas or used as a holistic, relaxing treat. 



Sports taping (kinesiology taping) is widely used in my clinic to help your healing process. It is a very stretchy tape that is designed to mimic human skin and goes with your movement, whilst affecting the nerve input and blood supply to the area. It helps with muscle and joint tension, muscle fatigue and endurance, pain relief and overall mobility. I use the sports taping within my osteopathy sessions, but also offer a "pre-event taping service", where you can come into the clinic before a race/match/sports event to be taped only (no treatment included).

An osteopath is an engineer of the human body.
— Andrew Taylor Still (founder of osteopathy)